Sunday, July 29, 2012

Prahad, a man that never eat or drink for 74 years

This is a story that goes back to the year 2010, indeed this is an amazing story about a guy who are still alive without eating or drinking for 74 years.

Prahad a man from Gujarat, India, claimed that since he is away from home at the age of 7, he never eat or drink. Still he can survive up until now.

Since then researchers undergoes several test and thorough observation of this man. What does he do to keep himself alive and well?? does he have a very unique gift that make him as he is today?

He is 84 years old now, and if you take 74 years out of his age, he has stop eating or drinking since he is 10.  Even tough this is one of the great way for you to save money, please don't try it at home. At-least don't try it for 74 years.


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