Sunday, July 8, 2012

Several facts on how Positive playing Video Games is

Playing video games is good for you. Researchers believe that by playing games it can change you for the better. Check this remarkable discovery about the positive effect of playing games.

Lets say if you were suffering from a leg injuries and you are given painkillers to sustain the pain. And of course the pain killer effect will not work after an Hour or so, and you started to feel the pain again.

Research proves that if you play games during any pain you are in, you will tend to forget about the pain and only feel 25%, instead of 75% pain when you are not playing games.

Researchers also found out that by playing video games that has multi player option, which allows you to play with other person on-line. you can socialize with other people who are also playing the same video games.

From time to time, ways to delivers knowledge are becoming more interactive and fun, so one of the way to implement this is by relating it to video games.

Video games can also improve early literacy in 4 and 5 year old kids, especially letter recognition and story comprehension.

4.Body and minds.
Workout in game likeWii Fit and Kinect Fitness can boost stamina an heart rate level.

Recerchers use games to monitor the health of senior citizens. Their efforts can predict an illness or even a patient's risk of falling.

Action games sharpen vision and help cure Amblyopia. aka "Lazy Eye" in one hour, some games can do what an eye patch does in 400 Hours.

There you go some fact about how positive playing a video games could be. So if youre mom keep on irritating you on how negative playing video games can be show her this article. Now you have another excuse to enjoy your fav video games.

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