Sunday, July 8, 2012

Japanese cook offers his own genital to be serve

Mao Sugiyama an asexual Japanese Chef from Tokyo publicly offered his genitals as a strange delicacies. Not only that he also offered to cook his own  genitals as according to the buyer request.

On mid April, he posted a tweet as such :

“[Please retweet] I am offering my male genitals (full penis, testes, scrotum) as a meal for 100,000 yen …Will prepare and cook as the buyer requests.

The tweet has gone viral on twitter and attract 6 buyers for the $250 dollar plate experience.

After getting positive respond he than hosted a banquet called the “Ham Cybele – Century Banquet ". At the same day that he would served his genitals to his buyers.

Several Days after his 22nd birthday, Sugiyama had his genitals removed by going through genital-removal surgery. Sugiyama, which is an asexual who dont have interest in both male and female thought that he had no use of his genitals. 

Public had made complaints about this bizzare act, but the authorities cannot do much, because cannibalism is not legal in Japan.

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