Saturday, July 7, 2012

uncleseekers.blogspot admin 'Uncleseekers' Jailed due to the harrastment made on the Royalties

A blogger Syed Abdullah Al-Attas or commonly known by his stage name as Uncle Seekers are being detained by police, due to his act posting entry on his blog with intention to Insult the Johor King and their Royal family.

What the hell is he is thinking about? posting things about the Royalty? maybe he should open up his eyes and look around!! this is malaysia, sensivity is all around. This is not big country like Britain where you could post something bad about your Queen and get away with it.

Originally, he became famous after his show aired on NT7 called the Seekers, which is a show about hunting ghost and stuff, and he addressed his name on that show as Uncle.
Most of the people dont really like him, because of his cocky attitude, and he think that he knows everything, making him the most intelligent man in his own world. He mess around giving people the perception that everything he says is the truth. Check this video out where he try to make a fool out of Datuk Fazilah Kamsah :

But at the end, Datuk Fazilah calmly deal with Uncle stupidity back to him, making he look like a fool.

At the end, the question is, what do Uncle Gain from his act harrasing the Royalty on his blog? Does this make him a Hero? does he wants popularity for himself and his blog? From what we can see, the public thinks he is just an another celebrity that they dont even want anymore.

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