Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chriss Brown agrees to go on Celebrity Boxing Match taking on Drake

Awww yeah!! this is what we have been waiting for, Chriss Brown and Drake goes 1 ON 1 on the Celebrity Boxing Match!!

Couple of  weeks back both of these two superstars are having a fight with each other over Rihanna in a New York Club. The news had gone viral, and billionaire Alki David decided to step in the scene between these two.

He then offered $10Mil for these two to fight each other in a boxing match. $9Mil would go to the winner and another $1Mil for the loser.

Recent news published by cantstophiphop stated that Chris Brown had given respond, saying that he would be in the ring to fight Drake. It is caught on camera by Rumorfix. When the paparazzi asked would he step on the right he responded "Yeah, i would, i would".

Check out the vid :
At the beginning of the video you can hear Chriss Brown acceptance although it is not clear but you can bearly hear it over the crowd.

It doesn't matter if he is just being cocky or he is for real, it is hard for him to turn back and back down the challenge now, because the news is out there and spreading. 

Now the question is, what would Drake say?

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