Friday, July 13, 2012

Women fingers got chopped just because the intention to persue higher learning

Just because the intention of a women to pursue her dreams for higher education, she got her fingers chopped by her husband.

Hawa Akther Jui, a women from Bangladesh wanted to be in a University, since she is only 21 years old. Without asking for her husband permission she registered her name to be inrolled in a University.

She then informed his husband through telephone, that she wanted to study, and her husband doesn't give permission, infact he threatened to do something bad to her if she insisting to study.

Her husband, Rafiqul Islam,30, an Uneducated person, is a Migrant Labour which is working in UAE. When he comes back he told hawa that he wanted to discuss about it, he then blind folded hawa before cutting her fingger off.

Hawa then rushed to the local clinic to get help, the thing is, hawa fingers can still be sew back together, and it will all be fixed, but when the doctor asked for the remaining fingers from his husband, he refused to give it back and threw it into the dustbin.

Rafiqul is in a police custody, and Hawa cant no longer stand to be married with someone like Rafiqul and demand for divorce.

I mean what the hell is Rafiqul thinking? chopping his own wife fingers for that silly argument? She is 21, and she has a lot more to learn and let her be as she wanted to be. Geez..

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