Friday, August 17, 2012

The wiper woman : A women Angrily clinging onto a car hood

Check this out guys, this video made my day, a video shows a China nationality women would go as far as clinging onto a car hood before the car is being driven with her on top holding the car windshield wiper.

This happens in Malaysia, whereby this particular women are involved in a traffic accident, the other driver then wanted to settle things accordingly, by going to the police station and lodge a proper police report. 

she wouldn't let the other car driver go, because she thought that they will run off.

Just to make things clear, here in Malaysia we run things differently and it is totally different compared to China, we would't run off instead we will follow the law like we are supposed to. This is not china where people would easily rip you off.

I mean, why would she do that? people around will stare and it would be humiliating as hell, taking picture and all, luckily she had her shade and hat on so it would be less embarrassing....literally.

As written by the uploader in the video disciption:

''In the end, we sent her to the police station with her on our bonet. This woman is so ridiculous. Hope the drivers around Cheras won't meet her again''

Unfortunate for her, the immature act is recorded by the other car driver, the video then posted on YouTube, before it became the laughing stock of the internet to make it worse it is shared to various social media such as Twitter and Facebook.


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