Thursday, September 27, 2012

National Wear V-neck day : Is it relevant to conduct such event?

This is an event held as a protest on the Guidelines 'How to identify gay or lesbian' released by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, which had become a controversy these past few weeks. 

Net-citizens are organizing the event on Facebook which are lead by Adam Mosby Sharizman, and thousand of people had joined the public event. They called it 'National Wear V-Neck day' and it will start on 1st october. 

Why is this event planned at the first place? It is because one of the fact stated in the guidelines are as such:
  • Wearing V-Neck T-shirt and Sleeveless clothes is a sign of a gay man.
As they taught v-necks are now being discriminate, they rise up to show the government that they don't tolerate bullies and stereotyping. 

We here at blogosem support the cause, and hope that this event will go well and reach its goal.

But, guys c,mon, just because of a simple issue, doesn't mean that you guys have to over-react about it. I mean, the government had enough people throwing rocks at them.

Just for the thoughts, Let me state other factor might be the reason on why this event is conducted:

  • They doing it only just for the sake of their obsession towards V-neck t-shirts.
  • They are actually gays and lesbian, trying to show that they wont be discriminate. (No offence)
  • They are a bunch of group that are paid by the opposition party to implement a bad image on the government.
  • They are over-reacting towards this small issue.
All and all, if the event are mainly to promote unity using the V-neck t shirt as a symbol, then it is a good cause. If their intention on conducting such event falls under one of the categories mention above, then it is just a waste of time.

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