Thursday, September 27, 2012

Malaysia Gay and Lesbian symptoms : By the Ministry of Education Malaysia

Malaysian Education Ministry had released a guidelines on 'How to identify Gay and Lesbian symptoms'. This of course a great effort shown by the ministry to educate parents regarding this matter. 

But wait! if this is a great news, why would the guidelines has become a controversy for the past weeks? And not only Malaysian citizens are throwing rocks at it, it has reach the attention of the whole world.

By looking at the guidelines, they are giving out facts that are plain stupid and ridiculous. Better yet check out these guidelines on how to identify whether a man or a women is Gay or a Lesbian

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Intentionally, the guidelines are released for the parents to monitor their children s thus avoiding any gay or lesbian symptoms.

But why would they released these absurb facts? would random men or women would be called gay or lesbian if they do any of those act stated in the guidelines?

C'MON!!! Malaysia Education ministry!! we appreciate the effort, but you guys are embarrassing us, the Malaysian Citizens!! Now most of the world population are making fun of our country! and it is all because these silly guidelines given out to the public regarding this matter.

The ministry should revoke the application of this guidelines, and apologize to the public, which i guess they will never will. *sigh*

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