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10 most amazing UFO story

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1947, is the year that UFO was first seen around Mount Rainer by a Private pilot Kenneth Arnold. He claims that he saw a 'saucer' like shape flying in high speed. Thus the nickname 'Flying saucers' was given as well as the 'UFO' which stand for 'Unidentified Flying Object'.

1. The Roswell Incident
In July 1947, a breaking news about an unidentified object crashed around Roswell, New Mexico had created a lot of controversy. It was claim that the parcel of the saucers are recovered by the U.S Military, and the corpse of the aliens were autopsied by their doctor.

In 1970, the public started to show interest of the issue, thus forcing the military to make a statement saying that it is not a UFO and telling the public that it is a actually an high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to a classified program named "Mogul".

2. Landrum Incident
In December 1980, Vicky Landrum and Colby Landrum was driving home to their hometown Dayton, Texas, along the the way they encountered a bright flashing object. 

They stopped the car and approach the diamond like object before they were hit by a blast of heat. The object then vanished leaving them suffering from severe radiations burns, nausea and diarrhoea, and they claims that they will suffer from the same symptoms on the same that every year. 

3. The Kecksburg UFO Incident
Very similar to the Roswell incident, Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965 was the apparent location of a spectacular UFO crash. Subsequently there was a cover-up of this. In December that year there were sightings of a fireball that streaked across the sky over Michigan and northern Ohio. 

Sonic booms could then be heard around Pennsylvania, which resulted in the object scattering hot debris that caused grass fires, before finally crashing in the woods. What was found is pictured: an acorn-shaped object that was the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and reportedly had what looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics around its midsection. The U.S. army soon showed up, took the thing away and remained tight-lipped over the whole incident.

4. The Rendlesham Forest Incident
In 1980 Britain experienced its own story of a UFO sighting. U.S. Air Force personnel R.A.F Woodbridge borders Rendlesham Forest and servicemen were ordered to investigate a crash landing. It was 3am in December when the servicemen came across a small alien spacecraft parked in a clearing. 

They later described it as triangular shaped, sat on three legs and glowed brightly in the dark. They left the mysterious looking spacecraft and returned when the sun came up hours later with more men from their base. By this time though the spacecraft had gone leaving behind scorch marks and three depressions in the ground where the alien craft had stood.

5. Varginha UFO Incident
A remarkable incident that occurred in Brazil in 1996. Opinions remain divided on whether this was a media-led hoax or genuine stuff but at the time several eye-witnesses and home movies came forward. UFO’s had been seen in the sky followed shortly by sightings of strange creatures roaming the streets. One such alien creature was shot dead by military officers and removed in a sack, while another was spotted by three young girls. They described it as “1.6 metres (5 ft), with a large head and very thin body, with V-shaped feet, brown skin, and large red eyes. It seemed to be wobbly or unsteady, and the girls assumed it was injured or sick. 

The creature was said to have a strong, unpleasant odor”. The corpse of a strange creature was found two days later. n autopsy is believed to have been carried out in a secure laboratory at Sao Paulo University before both creatures were flown to the U.S in an unmarked airplane. A soldier who was involved in the capture of one of the creatures then died weeks later of an unknown bacterial infection.

6. The Belgian UFO Wave
A large number of UFO sightings occurred in Belgium between the winter of 1989 to the spring of 1990. Most eyewitnesses spotted triangular shaped objects flying through the sky. When the Belgian Air Force became involved things began to get serious. On March 30th 1990 over 13,500 people reported seeing UFOs. The Belgian Air Force tracked the UFOs down and the F-16s attempted to intercept the UFOs nine times. 

Three times they had their weapons locked on the objects but could not fire because they moved so rapidly, changing course and speed with ease. They gave chase for an hour before eventually losing them. No more eyewitness reportings were made after this date.

7. The Battle of Los Angeles
Coming a full five years before Roswell Los Angeles was in the news over a mysterious air battle, despite the fact that Pearl Harbour had been attacked just three months earlier. It was February 1942 when unidentified flying objects were sighted flying over L.A. Believing them to be Japanese aircraft the U.S. army fired an incredible 1,400 anti-aircraft shells into the sky. Six civilians lost their lives; three from “friendly” fire and three from heart attacks. It was never explained what the mysterious flying objects were but the U.S. army put the incident down to ‘war nerves’.

8. The Colares UFO flap
The Brazilian island of Colares had an outbreak of UFO sightings in 1977. During these sightings those the witnesses, much like the Cash-Landrum incident, suffered injuries that included burn marks and puncture wounds. These were caused by intense beams of radiation. 

At the time Dr Wellaide Carvalho treated thirty-five patients whom she diagnosed with radiation poisoning. The victims suffered fatigue, dizziness, headaches, low blood pressure, and anemia, as well as permanent hair loss in the areas where the skin had been burnt.
9. The Phoenix Lights
What began with a sighting in Henderson, Nevada where a man reported seeing a large ‘V’-shaped craft with six lights on its underside pass overhead spread into different towns of Arizona and finally in Phoenix. Every one who saw the flying object described it in the exact same way. The UFO seemed to settle in Phoenix (hence the name of the incident) hovering over the city for around two hours. Hundreds of people witnessed the strange thing in the sky that night of March 13th 1997. The U.S. military insist that the lights were nothing more than flares launched from an A-10 Warthog aircraft. However, they are not fooling the residents of Phoenix who believe otherwise. Even Fife Symington who was the Governor of Arizona at the time believes otherwise.
10. Chupacabra
Around April 2000 Chile was surrounded by paranormal activity. There were several UFO sightings, including one case which saw police chase after a set of strange lights believing them to be signals from a secret landing strip. All they found though was a weird triangular burn mark on the ground. At the same time as the sightings there were also reports of unexplainable howls in the nights and the slaying of at least 30 animals (pigs, dogs and ducks) all killed in the same way – completely drained of blood. These were put down to the legendary Chupacabra or ‘Goatsucker’. Is the chupacabra an alien creature surviving in Chile or a new breed of genetically mutated animal?

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