Saturday, October 13, 2012

5 Most hated Sportsman of the year

One reason we find it so easy to ‘hate’ sports stars is because we envy their success. When they take what they have for granted we become angry that they don’t appreciate what they have. 

1. Tiger Woods
There is no better example of this than Tiger Woods. Just a year ago he was the world’s top golfer and richest athlete; he had a beautiful wife, two lovely kids and tons of endorsement deals.

But after the now infamous Thanksgiving night crash, Tiger entered a professional and personal freefall. As more and more of his marital indiscretions were revealed, the public became angry with Tiger for his cheating and philandering ways.

2. Kobe Bryant
Don't be fooled by jersey sales. Kobe might sell a lot of jerseys but that doesn't make him any less hated. Expect jersey sales to increase whenever somebody changes their number, it's just common sense. 

However, recently he has the gay community up his ass after his homosexual slur he made toward a ref. Also, there was a rape allegation in which he proceeded to bring Shaq down with him. This man cheats on his wife, rapes women, and trys to be the next jordan. Pretty sure that will get you hated by the general public.

3. Lebron James
Lebron James is one of the most gifted basketball players we have ever seen, but the man could not carry himself any worse. James seemingly had it all as a Cleveland Cavalier, with the exception of a championship ring, until the fame got to him. 

Lebron decided to “Take his talents to south beach” as he made the ultimate spectacle of himself with “The Decision” to join up with Wade and Bosh in Miami, leaving the city of Cleveland and their loyal fans in the dust. It is clear from the votes as well as common sense, that almost everyone that doesn’t live in Miami prays and hopes that Lebron never gets a ring. 

4. Kris Humphries
Kris Humphries is somewhat of a newcomer to the most hated athlete's scene. Unlike most of the other stars on these lists, he's an average player. He's gained notoriety by becoming engaged, married, then divorces from Kim Kardashian, all while being taped by the E! Channel. 

As you can imagine, these types of things don't go over well in athletics. During his first game of the season, Humphries was greeted with a beautiful chorus of boos from the Madison Square Garden crowd. I guess there's nothing like being the most hated man to grace the floor of the most famous arena in the world.

5. Floyd Myweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the most dominant boxers in the history of the sport, compiling a 41-0 record during his 14-year career. He has also earned a reputation as one of the most selfish, egotistical people in sports, with nicknames "Pretty Boy" and "Money," inspiring the hatred of fans along the way.

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