Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Superheroes character with useless powers

Superheroes are differ by their ability, some have super human strength and can fly around like Superman, Thor poses the super power of having the strength of a god and Hulk can transform into a beast just to name a few. 

But would a super hero character with useless ability deserve to be called hero? or they are just a bunch of 'Supers'. 

Check out these list of superheroes character of Superheroes that poses useless ability.

Arm fall off boy 
His ability is to dismantle his arm to fight evil. He will use his arm as a blunt weapon. In his introduction (1989), he is an applicant at the first Legion tryout, and the first Legion reject.  

Hindsight Lad
Hindsight Lad is a Marvel comic superheroes that poses the ability to Research things and come out with conclusion. Oh! so he is one of those smart superheroes. Wait! how come that this is a super ability? he sounds like one of those college students. I mean if he is so smart why would he attach side-mirrors on his helmet? Go figure.

Jubilee is a female superheroes which poses the ability to make colorful shapes comes out from her hands. Now how would a bunch of colors would save the world? I guess Arm fall off boy need a circus colleague, but she would be fun to be around though.

Danny the street
His superpower is being a street. we know, we laugh too but seriously, you didn't read us wrong. He is an actual street created by the DC comics, and his purpose is to provide shelter and home for the strange and the unwanted. The ability he poses is to transport to other places without causing any damage.  

The Red Bee
This character does not poses any super powers, he just make himself a bee like custom costume, and train how to fight with a bee name Micheal that live in his belt buckle. He is just another robin without high tech gadgets. 

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