Wednesday, October 17, 2012

96 year old man Ramjit Raghav is the oldest father in the world

A 96 year old man Ramjit Raghav once again broke is own world record when his wife give birth to their second son, Ranjit, which was born last month.

This makes his wife Shakuntala, 54 as the world oldest mom.

Previously, Ramjit Raghav holds the world record for the world oldest father, when their first son was born when he is 94 years old, two years ago. And this year, he did it again.

For this family who lives in the area of Haryana, believed that this is a blessing from god. 

"Despite being old, he still had the energy of a 25 year old man" said Shakuntala, and claim that they can go up to four rounds per night.

Ramjit also mention that he consume almond, butter and milk in his daily meal, to maintain a good internal and external health.


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