Saturday, October 20, 2012

Novie Amelia goes half naked and runs 7 people over!

What would it takes to make 7 people to be run over by a car in one day? 

Novie Amelia and her Honda Jazz of course! this Indonesian model are in the influence of drugs before she runs over 7 people including one policeman.

When she was arrested she was half naked, resisting arrest and refuse to wear clothes.
Ouh no! Someone might had played GTA for hours,


One of her friends might say something like this :

"You are running out of job, and you are getting uglier by day, go run over people to get yourself famous, it would be great if you run over a policeman, and while you do that go half naked, and take this drugs with you" 
Hell, put her on the road for 24 hours and half of the city will be gone by the next day.

But hey people makes mistake, i hope she learn something from this incident. God bless.


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