Monday, October 22, 2012

Penang Road Bully? : Naza Ria, PHC 8258

*Screen cap from the original video (Subtitles are made up)

Hey guys, check out this Penang road bully, well that is what these couple are labelled as when a 1:16 minute video are posted originally on Facebook with the title 'Naza Ria, PHC 8258' goes viral which eventually posted on YouTube with the title 'Penang Road Bully'.

The video was recorded from inside  a locked car, while the victim and probably her husband are inside.

The video started when they are shouting towards each other, while the accused bully trying to beat the victim but he could t because they had locked them self inside the car

Eventually he try to lure them out by kicking the victims car and shows a f*ck you hand sign.

What really attract a lot of attention is the women who is holding her child, shows a f*ck you sign to the victim.

The incident started when there these two couple are involved in a car collision.
*Screen cap from the original video

And obviously someone had a bad temper(alledged bully), unfortunately for them it was recorded and posted on social media.

At the end of the video, it shows that the bully comes towards the victim car with an umbrella before hitting the victim car front windshield and crack it up.
*Screen cap from the original video (subtitles are made up)

Now the video had gone viral. Check it out.
Let me break it down for yaal :

The video shows that the alleged bullies car are hit when they are trying to come out from a junction.

I am a driver myself, and every driver should know that if we are in a junction or a land coming out to the main road, we should stop or slow down to give priority to the car who are actually passing.

But hey, accidents happens right? plus i dont really know what happens and this is only my oppinion. 

But they should settle things more smoothly instead of  shouting and trying to beat people up. Anyway, another news to be shared, quite funny, might aswell made a lesson out of it.


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