Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ramirez brothers bullied for having full size breast

A trio of brothers who grew breasts due to a rare genetic disorder are now 'living a normal life' after going under the knife. 
The Ramírez brothers, from the Dominican Republic, said they were 'extremely happy' they were no longer being bullied, beaten and ridiculed for their 'moobs'.

The plight of the siblings, which some have described as a hoax, was highlighted when their desperate father Felipe appealed for help from specialists via the island's news programme Zona5. 

His work as a food stall seller, and the absence of the boys' mother who left when they were little, meant he did not have enough money to pay for an operation. 

His emotional plea was picked up by medics at the Marcelino Velez Santana Hospital, whose boss Dr. Pedro Antonio Delgado agreed to pay for the operations.

After tests to see if Yeuri, his 11-year-old brother Gabriel and 12-year-old Daniu could undergo treatment, they each went under the knife for two hours.

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