Sunday, October 28, 2012

[Video] China Teacher slapped her student 70 times in half an hour

A teacher were alleged to slapped her 5 year old students when she couldn't solve her math problem.

Taiyuan City Blue Sky Montessor Kindergarten teacher reported had slapped one of her student 70 times within the span of half an half hour.

Her father than lodge a police report before giving out statement that the teacher slapped her child because she could t figure out "10 Plus 1". At the same time, 3 kids are also being beaten.

Thinking that no one would ever know what had she done to those poor kid she was wrong, the entire incident were recorded by a surveillance camera.

The teacher involved had already been held in administrative detention for 15 days, and this kindergarten has been asked to shut down on October 15.

Poor kids, check out the video recording below.
China is just full of these child abuse story, just before this incident goes viral, another news about a kindergarten teacher who abuse her child leaked out and cause public anger, the government should really do something about it.


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