Sunday, October 28, 2012

[Pictures] Beijing kindergarten Teacher abusing her students

A bunch of pictures showing a kindergarten teacher Yan Yanhong abusing her students is now circulating around the internet.

The pictures were originally posted on weibo, eventually trigger the anger of the children parents before lodging a police report.
In one picture the Yan Yanhong, a Kindergarten teacher from Beijing, is seen lifting up a kid inches from the ground just by holding his ear, and to add insult to injury she is smiling while doing so.

Other picture shows that she taped down those kids hands their mouth so that they wont move or make noise, while a kid was thrown into a dustbin with his body arching from inside the dustbin.

When confronted by the local media, she told them that they were just having fun, and it is all is just a part of their activities.

The kindergarten was ordered by the local authorities to terminate her service, while adding that she is not qualified for the job at the first place.

Here is several picture of the abuse, posted on Yan Yuhong QQ Zone, the caption of each picture is her exact caption on the site.

*Original caption : I Threw him in

*Original caption : That'll teach you how to behave!

*Original caption : The auntie had them to do this

* Original Caption : Corner of the Classroom


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