Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A man Kill his Daughter for messing with his cigarettes

A man goes on a rage after he saw his daughter plays with his cigarette.

Sallehan Allaudin, a 27 year old cleaner just come back home from an shopping trip on 6 Jan Last year, he was seen happy he even bought dolls for his daughter.

But when he sees his daughter, Nikie Alisyia Sallehan, playing with his cigarettes he gone furious and beat up the 23-month-old girl. She then died from her injuries later that day.

When questioned by the police, Sallehan said that he beat her up to Teach her a lesson, but his intention are argued by the court which then alleged the man to had other intention to make an excuse to beat her up to death.

It was believed that he had hit Nikie in the back three to four times causes a strong pain to the girl. 

Sallehan get 10 strokes and 10 years for doing the act.


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