Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Silvan Shalom, Vice Prime Minister of Israel got his Facebook and twitter account Hacked!

Silvan Shalom, Vice Prime Minister of Israel had his Facebook and twitter account hacked!

These group of hacker then post tweets about free Palestine and change his Facebook wallpaper to free Palestine wallpaper. 

Several minutes after the hacking, his Facebook and twitter account was taken down.

This must be the work of the infamous hacking group Anonymous.

A couple of days ago they had released a video statement urging that they will step into the scene as the slaughter continue.

Aswell as other remarks such as :
"o_O So what would happen if a certain vice prime ministers email got released to the public? #OpIsrael #Anonymous" latest Tweet posted by @YourAnonNews
Check out the video here :

What ever it is, we support any groups or individuals that are against this manslaughter. 

Free Palestine! 


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