Sunday, November 11, 2012

Singaporean teenage boy shows the finger to a mom and refusing to leave from Breastfeeding room

Even after being politely asked to leave, two Singaporean youth refuse to budge from a breastfeeding room. 

On 4th November, a Singaporean women wanted to breastfeed her baby which then she proceed to the breastfeeding room, upon reaching the room she saw two boys while one of them is playing his PSP.

After being asked to leave he claim that he also breastfeeding his baby, while his eyes a focused on the PSP  screen.

These hard head boys wont show any intention to leave.

The women then pull out her hand phone and start to record the boy face and threaten him that she will put this video on Stomp, which is a very popular website in Singapore   

Did he leave after being threatened? no! these Imbeciles laughed and showed her his middle finger.
At the end they decided to leave, but when walking out in a threatening manner, the boy in black went close to my friend and said "you better not put me in stomp. My parents are very important people. They are really big people k." 

But unfortunately for him, the video are uploaded on Stomp as well as hundreds of website and forums.

Stomp sg also stated that In an email sent to them on Nov 9, one of the youths had requested for the story to be removed because he is embarrassed.

Karma man...karma....


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