Sunday, November 11, 2012

jordon f. romero Suicidal act live on Fox news

During a live car chase coverage Fox News airs suicide on live TV by mistake.  The news network didn’t halt the coverage in time ending up in showing the viewers how the alleged suspect shot himself in the head.  [WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO!!]
Anchor Shepard Smith was at the helms today when Fox News accidentally aired the moment a man killed himself.  
The network was covering a live car chase.  At some point during the chase, the suspect gets out of the car and starts running on foot.  
When the man gets into a bushy area, he takes what appears to be a gun out of his jacket’s pocket and shots himself in the head.
The car chase was being covered by a news helicopter and it was being televised live from a distance.  However the camera did zoom on the suspect a few seconds before he killed himself, televising the suicide to the end!


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