Saturday, December 1, 2012

A man sentence to jail after mocking a disabled Girl

(Hope a ten year old disable girl)
A truck driver William Bailey, was sentence in jail for mocking a disable 10 Year-old- girl with Cerebral Palsy as-well as threatening to choke her mom, Tricia Knight, and mentioning gruesome statement saying that he will chock her until she stopped twitching.

The incident occurs on  26 November, where Knights and her mother in law Marie Prince was waiting for her children bus to arrive from Walker Elementary, while Bailey was waiting for his son a 9-year-old, joseph, who goes to the same school.
(William Bailey and his son Joseph)
The man then drags his feet on the ground as he walks over to get his son, the worse part of it is he asked his son to do the same.

Unfortunately for him, his childish act were caught on camera by Prince and was uploaded to Facebook with the title 'Bus Stop Ignorance', which then goes viral on Youtube.
(Screen cap showing Bailey dragging his feet on the ground to mock the girl)
The next day, the Knights family lodge a complaints on Canton City Prosecutes.

After reviewing all the evidence, Chief assistant city prosecutors , Jennifer Fitszsimmons decided to press charges.

According to Knight, since both of the family live next door for the past two years this incident will bring negative effect to their daily life and nothing will change through this punishment towards Bailey.

Last summer, Bailey 9 year old song Joseph come over to play with Hope, he brought over a pocket knife and threaten to cut Hope up followed by name calling.

Bailey punishment will start on January 2nd next year. 

Check out the video below:


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