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Aokigahara forest : Japan Suicidal Forest

If any Japanese lose hope in life, or they cant handle the stress of staying alive, they will drive to Aokigahara Forest, not to ease them-self from any stress or life pressure, but to commit suicide. 

The place is situated at the base of Mount Fuji, the most popular suicide destination in Japan, also known as the 'Sea Of Trees' or 'Japan's Demon Forest'.

In the old day of Japan, Suicide was mainly known as Samurai act, or 'Seppuku', it is an act of honor, literally committing suicide is considered as common in Japan.

Along the road going deep into the forest, there are a sign to stop suicidal people, it reads as:
"Your life is a precious gift from your parents, please think about you parents, siblings and children, dont keep it to yourself, talk about your trouble"

The trends start from the year 1960's, when a novel writer Seicho Masumoto published a love novel, the story ends with the couple's committing suicide at Aokigahara Mountain. But before that, various suicidal act has been confirmed  since the early 1950's.

In the year 1993, Watara Tsurumui's publish a book with the title 'The Complete Suicide Manual', a step-by-step tutorial how to commit suicide, not to forget he mention that Aokigahara is the perfect place to die. The book are one of the things that be found easily lying around that area, together with ropes hanging down from a tree.
If there are any corpses found, the authorities will inform the deceased family, if it is not, then the body will rot until it decomposed itself, leaving them to hunt the Aokigahara forest Forever.

Check out this documentary video about the Japan Suicidal Forest :

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