Monday, December 17, 2012

Japan’s crystal brick house

Architects are often societal renegades with their own private visions and concepts of design. Close your eyes and picture rugged individualist Gary Cooper in the classic film The Fountainhead that was popular in the last century. After all, architecture is a statement of human progress, achievement and technology.

In keeping with usual visions and perspectives, consider this magnificent Japanese crystal brick structure that comes as close as any building can be to a custom-made, magical design that aims to please those who are paying for it.
Japanese architect, Yasuhiro Yamashita (Atelier Tekuto) aims to please his clients and loves the challenge of working with diverse people, materials and environments. This house was constructed with the idea that it would be as sunny and bright as the many crystals the client amassed as a hobby.
The glass blocks comprise the primary structure, which in itself is positively amazing. The actualization of this novel concept was the end result of collaboration with structural engineers, university experiments, construction companies and diverse manufacturing interests.


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