Sunday, December 9, 2012

The millionaire playboy who had rape more than 100 women

The Justin Lee  sex scandal, which involved the socialite drugging and possibly raping several women has taken Taiwan by storm. Approximately 60 models and actresses were reportedly featured in the sex videos.

On the morning of August 16, an unidentified netizen uploaded 9 more photos fromTaiwanese heir, Justin Lee’s, pornographic photo collection, including a 1-minute and 13-second video clip. The poster uploaded the leaked content on Taiwan’s largest community forum, PTT Bulletin Board System. Almost a million comments followed after the topic was posted.

The user, identified as ‘M,’ used an IP address from the Czech Republic. The poster locked the topic, and told the users that if they want to see more photos and videos from Justin Lee’s collection, they had to figure out the passcode themselves.

Many users tried to protect the information from getting leaked to the authorities, but by 2AM, the entire topic was closed down, and it could not be viewed anymore. On August 15, the police department issued search warrants to the homes of two PTT users because they requested ‘M’ to show them Justin Lee’s pornographic files. Tabloid magazines that previously published photos from Justin Lee’s collection were also interrogated by the police.


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