Saturday, January 19, 2013

5-year-old kindergarten kid were suspended for making a 'terrorist threat' to another girl

A 5-year-old from Pennsylvania had been suspended from attending kindergarten for ten days, according to her school (Mount Carmel Area School District) she had been accused to made a "terrorist threat" to another girl by saying that she will shoot her with a pink toy gun that blow soapy bubbles.

Her family was shocked and hired an attorney Robin Ficker to fight the punishment, they had successfully reduced the suspension from ten to two days.

According to Ficker the 5-year-old accused never held a gun before nor she even have a bubble gun, he also added that the girl is the least terroristic person in Pennysylvania.

The kindergarten decision were questioned, School district solicitor Edward Greco tells officials are currently looking into the case.


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