Friday, January 18, 2013

Japan Breast Squeezing events

As a part of an event called the "Erotica Will Save the World," held in Shinjuku, Tokyo, a breast-squeezing event was held to raise money for charity purposes.

For those who wishes to donate money though the breast-squeezing event they need to show their ID card to identify they are above 18, before squeezing they have to wash hands and only two squeezes per hand were allowed, if two squeezes is not enough for them they will have to go pay for another two squeeze.

They can choose from one out of ten lovely adult video actresses.

All money donated though the event will be donated to stop, rising awareness, treatment and prevention of HIV/Aids.

Other than the breast-squeezing events, they also raised money though various stalls by selling goods and DVD's.

Event that is quite similar to the "Erotica will save the world" is the "Mastrubation Marathon" event. 

Here is the promotional video for the event :


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