Friday, January 18, 2013

Sick Joke : Indonesian girl forced stripped by her friends

I think this happens in Indonesia, a 3 minute video showing a a couple of female friends trying to strip off one of their friend while one of them record's the whole incident.

Im not really sure whether if they are joking or it is a actually a bullying act, but there are no actual arguments 'seen' during the whole clip, it looks like they are laughing and having fun.

The video starts showing the girl are fully clothed, but not for long, her friends rushed towards her and striped her naked, exposing most of her body.

At a certain part of the video, the girl were held down and she was completely naked, the video ends while the girl stands up and trying to put her cloth back on.

I guess the video are supposed to be private and only for their safekeeping, but unfortunately for the girl, the video had gone viral and had been shared on the internet.

Or the original intention of the video is to humiliate the girl, i dont really have a clue.

Check out the screenshot from the video below, the clip is in 3gp format, so the screenshot quality is not that great :


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