Saturday, January 12, 2013

Robert Jarell Neal Accused Of Stabbing Deaf Man After Confusing Sign Language With Gang Signs

Ahhh! Stupidity strikes again in Burlington, N.C! This is a perfect example on what would happen if you didn't finish your school.

A gang member Robert Jarell Neal, 22, stabs another man that he thought had any affiliations with another gang when the man were seen flashing hand sign to another man.

It turns out that the man, Terrance Ervis Daniels, 45, was actually deaf, and was talking using sign language with another deaf man.

Daniels were stabbed by a kitchen knife, luckily one of his neighbor saw the incident and called emergency personnel, Daniels is submitted into the UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill.

Police arrested Robert and charged him with assault using a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury and felony assault on a handicapped person.

Daniel had taken a surgery and reported stable in the UNC Hospital.

Now, do take this incident as a lesson kids, go to school, do your homework, and ditch your 'So cool' gangster friend, and you wouldn't ended up like Robert.


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