Sunday, January 27, 2013

Story of 8 Women who had sold their Virginity Online

Did you a women can sell their virginity online? yes they can, nowadays this is literally common, most of them do it to further their study.

Check out these 8 women who had sold their virginity online.

1. Catarina Migliorini (2012)
20-year-old brazilian women Catarina Migliorini had sold her virginity to 'Natsu' a Japanese millionaire in Japan for $780,000.

According to one of her interview, she sell her virginity to help impoverished children.

2. Natalie Dylan (2008)
She comes from a poor family and was having a hard time to cover her study expense, she had a Degree holder in Women's Studies from Sacramento State University, she sold her virginity at the age of 20 (2009), since the auction for Natalie virginity had been open, she once reported had received an offer worth $3.7 million.

3. Ungirl (2009)
A 19-year-old women from New Zealand had follow Natalie step, she goes by the nickname 'Ungirl'. She had received more than 1,200 bid, she takes an $32,000 offer.

4. Alina Percea (2009)
18-year-old, Aline is a Romanian girl who had sold her virginity when she was an computer programmer student to cover her study expenses.

A 45-year-old Italian business man had paid $14,000 to deflower Alina.

5. Rosie Reid
A lesbian 18-year-old teenager Rosie Reid had sold her virginity to be enroll to Bristol University.

After 2,000 bid, an 44-year-old engineer who is also a single father had won the bid.

It is reported that Rosie regret her decision, after she lose her virginity, she and her lesbian partner had been crying for days.

6. Rafaella Fica
20-year-old bikini model and a reality t.v star (Big Italian Brother) is ready to put her virginity on auction for fame and money.

She only agrees to pull down her pants for a man who are willing to pay her q million euros.

7. Graciela Yataco (2005)
Yataco the first women who started the 'online virginity action'. She was 18-years-old at that time.

She is a model in Peru, at that time she have to cover her mom medical expenses and her brothers school fee.

She received a 1 Million offer from a man in Canada, but because of the public pressure towards her, she cancel her intention to sell her virginity.

8. The Gumtree Girl (2011)
A 16-year-old school girl from a Catholic school, had advertise herself based on the classified website Gumtree.

A Reporter had won the bid and pay $10,000, but the reporter intention is to stop the girl from loosing her virginity, after contacting with the girl, the reporters reveal himself, which then she said it was a joke.


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