Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Steve job has made a name for himself towards the Global community by being one of the people who change the world through technology, one person that can kick Microsoft ass is this guy....literally, well enough about that everyone knows him, we all do respect but merely surrounding by his achievement STEVE Jobs is now dead. Though his achievement has been serving the community well there are a bunch of people who thinks that his death is a gift, and in addition, making fun of his unfortunate fate. 


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Other Facts About Him : 
  • he never donated to any charitable and global poverty
  • He stomped upon the less fortunate, exploiting them to advance himself
  • Steve was an amazing creator, an artist, a revolutionary in his field but in what way did he advance mankind

p/s : IEPOV Management Team Post This for Sharing Purposes only we do not have any negative nor positive intention towards the late Steve Jobs.

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