Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to waste your Time On YOUTUBE!!!

Youtube!!! one  of the world well known site...they are famous!!! :D 
they are so called the new internet!! or just some type of video sharing websites.....either one works fine.... on youtube everyone can create an account for F.O.C, thus sharing vids and here is the best part of it!!! you can create MONEY!!! OMG!!OMG!! :O well there are some Youtube users or YOUTUBERS that are succesfull in generating money through this on9 based + crap vids + funny comments + more craps vid and useless waste of time videos.....
Here is IEPOV mangement Team version of top 5 must watch youtubers ..... :D

P/s Click they Youtube channel At you Own risk, 
Please Be Warned that : your precious time might be wasted 

1. Kev JUMBA.

This guy have a set of crappy ass You tube vidz, he talks about girls, education, race and other crap. But still we used to spend hours watching because it is........funny?? 0.0 

2. Mystery Guitar Man.

Yes this guys is frikin AWESOME!!
he combines sets of sound and then combine it together to create a song....HOW COOL IS THAT??
And also with a lot of editing he has put himself in the IEPOV top YOUtubers List.

3. Nigahiga

Nigahiga one of the individual who are working in conjunctionally with Kev jumba, yesss he is asian and he is funney as hell :D

4. RayWilliamJohnson

Ray william johnson is one of the youtube individual that you have to check out, his latest vidz talks about a goat =.=...
Still how ''bizzare'' his vidz are he still appear to be FUNEEY!!! so check em out :D

5. Smosh

                     Smosh is another youtube channel that post craps video :D

So yeah there you go IEPOV team version of most watchable site On Youtube....yeh :D

p/s : Please be aware that by clicking them the risk of you wasting your time is 9/10 :D

Got Your Own Oppinion??share it with us :D

Yours Truly,
= Adam's 8D


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