Thursday, November 3, 2011

Real Life Superheroes

'Superheroes', is a term originally used to represent comic books character, such as superman, spiderman and batman, dedicated to protecting the public. These comic book character has been influencing its reader to become like them, super strong(superman), super human(spiderman), super smart(captain america), super fast(The flash) or even super rich(batman).

Believe it or not, there are some of these comic book fanatic that are actually going around and acting like any of these comic book superheroes, they are called 'Real Life Superheroes' they have their own names, their own costumes their own territory, their own weapon and skills, in belief to protect the community that they thought is a fucked-up community.  
Real life superheroes is just an ordinary people, they take this issue for real, they are dedicated to what they do, its a hobby for most people, and eventually they turn themself into it passionately, and they are also doing good deeds for the community at the same time.

Extreme Justice League (XJL)
Mr Extreme
* Form the extreme justice league

Territory : San Diego, CA.

Working as : Security Guard

Inspired by : Power Rangers

A member of : Extreme Justic League.

“the thing that really made me get involved in this is that I myself have been a victim of violent crime and have also come from a struggling background. I’ve been jumped by gang members, bullied at school…,”
- Mr Extreme

The Vigilante Spider

Territory : San Diego, CA

Working as : Unknown.

A member of : Extreme Justic League.

Inspired by : Spiderman.

''I have been tazed before, it is unpleasant''
- Urban Avanger 

Urban Avanger

Territory : San Diego, CA

Working as : Unknown.

A member of : Extreme Justic League.

Inspired by : Spiderman.

"Primarily I am a crime fighter but I believe in helping out wherever and whenever I possibly can. The world cannot change if we do not contribute somewhere. The mask means nothing if the man behind it does not act." - Urban Avenger

The New York Initiative
Territory : Brooklyn, New York.

Working as : Unknown.

All member of  : The New York innitiative.
(Zimmer, Z , T.S.A.F , Lucid)
Inspired by : Random.
"i care about  humanity, i care about the fact that the government are corrupt, i care about the face that the police are corrupt" - Zimmer

Rain City Superhero Movement
Phoenix Jones
Territory : San Diego, CA

Working as : Unknown.

Leader of : Rain City Superhero Movement.

Inspired by : Batman.

Zeta Man

Territory : Portland, OR.

Working as : Unknown.

Member of : Independent.

Inspired by : Superman & Zorro.

"Superman & Zorro are the biggest inspiration for me''
-Zeta Man

Professor Midnight

Territory : Salt Lake City, UT

Working as : Teacher.

Member of : Black Monday Society.

Inspired by : The shadow, Green Hornet & the Question.

"I see a lot of evil out there"
-Professor Midnight

So there you go some of the Real Life Superheroes, there are actually hundreds of them protecting peace and trying to fix their community, in belief that someday people will step in the right direction.
We should really do support people that do good things, contributing to the community, some of them might think that these people are crazy but at the end what there are actually doing is good. And Should be appreciated.

So what do you think about them? obsess? fanatic? lunatic? or these are just good people.
Leave your comment in the section below :D
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