Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blogging and generate 4k a month!!

4k a month just by blogging?? you might wonder is it actually impossible?? is it achievable?? that is like the most ''un-real'' thing that i ever heard. I mean, just by sitting your ass in front of a computer you are able to generate a large amount of money. We are talking about 4k here, that is a month of hard work working your ass in and out of an ordinary office.

Well if you ask me about it my answer would be Yes!! it is possible to generate such income a month, just by sitting infront of your computer and managing your blog, there are several bloggers that has has proved  this is actually possible, 4k a month is common for them, it might go up to 5,6 or even 7k. Blogger such as Faisal Abdullah and Cik Epal which is the admin of 2day Blogger and Cik Epal : Personal Blog has been generating average 4k a month just by managing a very informative website
* 2Day Blogger : Monthly Income Screenshot

 *Cik Epal has been running a personal blog this is one of her Monthly earning Screenshot.

Other blogger that has been succesfully generating a large amount of income through this blogging activities are : * Mohd Faizul of

And Total Earning for so far are :
(accumulated since 2010)
Im Not quite there yet but im on my way :D

For any of you guys who wishes to generate this type of income to your site, dont give up, keep on motivating yourself, and work hard to earn what you desired to. :) 

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-Ekkem Spark :)

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