Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top 3 important Social Media post of 2011!

2011 is coming to an end, and there are so much that has been going on around the world community, and of course the news will be circulated around the internet and widely spread through it, posted by various media platform such as the Facebook, Twitter, etc... Here is the top 3 unforgettable social media post of 2011!

3. Nasa Last Space Exploration 
135 flight over the span of 30 years Nasa has decided to stop their space exploration by sending the last Crew to the space in Julai, 2011.

Around the time the Space shuttle is taking off, Passenger and Twitter user Stephanie Gordon was lucky enough to catch the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch from the seat of her plane. Symbolize the end of the Space Exploration Era

2. The rise of Activist Hacker

Two hacking group named Anonymous and the other one  Lulz-Sec, Stroll to the main media platform by hacking various high profile websites such as the Seria government websites, The sun newspaper and Sony Plastation website. But the biggest  hacking event is done by Lulz-Sec  recently took down the C.I.A websites. How do they announce it? by posting to twitter qoute : Tango down - - for the lulz. But after 15 days of hacking sprees  Lulz-Sec decided to back down a little bit, But the group anonymous still causing mishaps around the internet period. 

1. Mohammed Bouazizi are named the person of the year by the TIME magazine.

One protester for the cadalist of the Arab revolution is, Muhammad Bouzizi is one of the protesters in Tunisia that has lit himself on fire. After he is continuously harass by the Tunisian Government. Symbolized the anger of the people for their Tunisian government. Bouzizi has become the symbol of freedom, inspiring neighbouring Arab country, Yamen, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Seria. 

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