Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tips and Trick to promote your Blog!

There are actually thousand of websites out there that teaches you how to promote you blog or websites. Literally saying the more outstanding your promotion strategy or the promotion tools you use the more traffic you will generate thus generating money.

Well today we would like to share our promotion strategy knowledge to our reader. Out of hundreds ways you can promote your blog we already short listed 3 of them, that appear to be the key points of promoting a blog or a website. 

1. Submit to search engine
2. Submit to directory
3. Have good content

1.Submit your website to search engines (Such as Yahoo, Google, Etc...)
Or browse for more option here :
More option!

2.Submit to directory
Or browse for more option here :
More option!

3.Have a good content.
Well of course the far most important thing for a blog or a website to be succesfull is a good content. Literally content represent the quality of a blog and thus it will stimulate the reader to visit regularly to read a blog or a websites content. So try to work on that, some tips and tricks :

  • Instead of copy pasting other people article why dont you try to create your own writings.
  • Create an interesting article if possible keep it short and simple (KISS)
  • Try to be creative add some media gimmic if you are able to
  • Approach your market
  • Know what you write

There you go it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 try it yourself :)

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