Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kyrgyzstan: Prisoners Sew Mouths Shut in Protest

Bishkek: Kyrgyzstan, more than 1,000 prisoners sew their mouths to protest againstliving conditions in prisons.

The move was an extension of a two-week hunger strike, involving 7.500 prisoners who launched the raid by special forces police to a prison in Bishkek.

The prison officer said the special unit deployed to disperse the riot by prisoners who harm their detention room and cut off the hand and stomach during the rescue operation carried out the guard.

Prisoners on a hunger strike demanding the resignation of the Prison Service and the manager of the detention center where the protest began.

About 6,400 prisoners involved in the strike and 1.175 sewing their mouths.However, 200 of them and then ask for medical help to remove the stitches.

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