Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trent Arsenault : A man who continuously donate his sperm is now invistigate by the government.

This is a case of a Man in Washington, United States, who continuously donate his sperm to the families who cannot reproduce. Despite his goodwill, he is said has been donating sperm without asking any payment or so.

And also claimed(on his website) that his sperm already give 14 birth to several families that seek for his help.
Due to that, the government doubt this man goodwill, an investigation is running to check whether he violates several rules of sperm donation in the U.S

Originally from California, Trent Arsenault (pictured) said he donated sperm on the basis of goodwill to the couples who crave for child, and do not expect anything in return.
36-year-old man to the attention of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009 after he claimed on his website that his sperm has led to more than 14 births.

Arsenault also ignores the FDA warning letter that want him to stop these activities.
"I wanted to stay active because I have received e-mails from couples with no children who ask for my sperm.
"The story they are, they can not afford to engage a sperm bank because the payments are too high," the man said.
People who bought sperm from sperm banks registered usually charged at between U.S. $ 200 (RM608) to U.S. $ 675 (RM2, 052) to a dose of sperm.
Arsenault's personal website, said he blond, brown eyes, andworking in the field of information technology in Silicon Valley, California.

Commenting on the issue, the FDA said in a statement to the AFP news agencysaid, sperm donors must undergo a medical examination prior to ensure that he is free from any sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases.

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