Monday, January 16, 2012

Janartana V Chandra USM Student Harrasing Malaysia Prime Minister.

A student from University Science Malaysia (USM) had been arrested by the police, prior the statement that he made that could cause havoc to the community.

There are several factor that lead to this issue, either this particular student are from the opposition party or the students have no real intention than just to fool around or he is just plain stupid, all and all, either one will works just fine.

The 24 year old student claimed that he will place a bomb on the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak Helicopter, prior to the Prime Minister Visit to their Campus.

He is now held under the section 506 that can cause him to be jailed 2 years or fine or both.

Dude that is fucked up man. Dont go running around the facebook and telling everyone you will put bomb in the PM's heli. Because at the end the one that will blow up, is you.
Janartana V Chandra

Most recent news stated that he is being released for a month on police bail so that he can attend his University exam, but will be called by the police at any time to help with the investigation.
+Janatana V chandra is a 4th year engineering student

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