Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gruesome fight between Kotadalam Village and Napal Village : Jakarta.

Recent news reported a gruesome fight occur between two village in one of the district in Jakarta, Indonesia. Source says that the fight are started by two teenagers and eventually it involve the whole village, thus it affect the innocent resident of both village.

How stupid is that? small matter turns big, just because of certain people stupidity the whole village should be affected. Is it because of pride? or is it because of power or ego? whatever it is, that is just stupid

Atleast 70 houses are burn down or being damage in a fight between 2 village in the are of Lampung Selatan District, Sumatera.

The fight are cause by two teenagers the day before, and turn into conflict of ethnic, religion and race between the village people of Kotadalam and Kampung Napal, in the small district Sidomulyo.

Early statement says, during the attack of the of Kotadalam towards the Napal Village, 48 house are burn down and 27 other is being damage in the village of Napal, fortunately up until now, but so far there are no casualties are reported other than two people are being reported seriously injured during the incident.

Hundred policeman are sent by the authorities to take control of the action, before it is gradually settle.

 Nevertheles the grudge between two village are still burning and the authorities should monitor the situation, because the resident of Napal village may conduct a counter attack towards Kotadalam village residents.

Iepov say : ''iepov does not support stupidity''
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