Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yeoi Khoon Xing wont let dead girlfriend Lau Kah Kah go.

An unfortunate incident happen between two love birds in, this happen between Yeoi Khoon Xing, 21 and Lau Kah Kah, 22. Where Lau Kah Kah commit suicide after the quarrel she had with Yeoi Khoon Xing through telephone and sms. 

Nevertherless after the death of Lau Kah Kah,, Yeoi Khoon Xing cannot accept the fact that his girlfriend is dead and refuses to let Lau Kah Kah go.

Almost an hour are needed to pursue a man Yeoi Khoon Xing, 21, to let go of her dead girlfriend which are found on the ground floor flat in a block of Taman Utara, Batu Uban, Geogetown, early yesterday morning.

That particular man are shocked,  he cant accept the fact that his girlfriend, Lau Kah Kah, 22 commit suicide after jumping from the 17th floor of the flat, after the quarrel they had through telephone and sms.

The man are seen lying beside his dead girlfriend while hugging her, but did not spoken a word and only occasionally seen crying.

People who swarmed the scene at first thought there were two dead bodies in there, but was shocked to see the man sudden move.


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