Friday, February 3, 2012

@kami_anti : Shila Amzah killed a fan?

Is Shila Amzah a murderer?why does some people accused her to be one? recently a story claiming Shila is a murderer has been going on through twitter, 30 january right after AJL26 ended (to be exact). 

A twitter account with the username @Kami_anti has publicly accused Shila to perform such act. Whereby the owner of the account claiming that Shila had caused one of his (or her) friend died.

Source said that the owner of the account used to be Shila's fan but now he (or she) is her number one haters, even willing to create a Twitter account dedicated to spread hatred towards Shila. 
Shila seems to take this incident professionally and calm, she should make a police report though, because this type of things will effect the public perception towards her.

The owner of the account dint leave any tracks for us to investigate more. If it is true what he/she said about Sheila, he/she should present some evidence and make a police report, instead of talking crap on twitter.

We will uncover more about this news, stay tune for more.


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