Saturday, February 25, 2012

SNSD Nude!

Recent news stated that the Nude picture of the SNSD girl is circulating around the internet. It is the second time in two year the SNSD girl is being related to these nude picture scandal.

Unfortunately for all of those 'people' who are looking forward for the picture out there, the picture is clearly a  fake. After it(picture) is widely spread on the internet SNSD alleged a police report to find who is the person behind all this controversy.
And guess what? kpopstarz website reported that a 53-year-old government employee, only identified as "G". The police reported that "G" used his office computer during work hours last December to upload photo-shopped images of half-naked SNSD members. In the images, the girls are seen wearing the Korean traditional Han Bok, but their bottom parts are skilfully cropped out for naked photos instead. 

However, the accused testified that he was not responsible for producing the actual photo, as he only uploaded it after downloading it from other online communities. 


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