Saturday, February 25, 2012

Strange way to paint [Picture Included]

Art can be expressed in some various way, and of course the more strange the way it is done the more value it has in it. These few man and women has proved that Painting is more that is more that that. 

Here at iepov we had compile 10 way how a paint can be done.  Be warned some of these graphic may not be suitable for some people.

A group of artists in the Ukraine paints underwater

Millie Brown who uses vomit

Chris Trueman who uses dead ants

Vinicius Quesada who uses human blood

Kira Ayn Varszegi who uses her breasts

Hong Yi  who paints with basketballs

Ani K licks who paints with his tongue

Val Thompson  who uses human ashes

Xiang Chen who uses his eye

Australian Tim Patch who paints with his penis

It is amazing how those these few people do what their do best,
So next time you want to paint a picture, you may consider these other alternative just to add up the value of creativity in it. :)
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