Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leicester Square Station incident : Women pushed down the rail.

Brutal attack on a woman caught by CCTV are  published in the BBC documentary Tube recently received wide coverage and a criminal case is under investigation authorities.In the recordings that occurred at 11:20 pm on 

16 September last year saw a 23-year-old woman suddenly attacked by an unknown man when he walked on a side walk on the Leicester Square Station.

The atmosphere on the pedestrian path seemed quite busy and suddenly the man who runs against her push her ​​down into railways.
The man responsible for the incident are caught by the victim boyfriend, but still he still fighting to get away and hurt the woman.

Fortunately the women is saved by the people who are waiting for their train before any train pass by.

British Transport Police, Detective Fin Egan said the man's actions are suspicious and may be japrodize the lives of the women.

"This is a most dangerous and reckless act that may cause the victims lost their lives," he was quoted from the Daily Chilli.

The police continued the investigation after the dismantling of the video and urged anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward to provide additional information for the criminal case.

CCTV VIDEO : from Leicester Square Station
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