Thursday, March 22, 2012

Malaysian women rally attack a teacher.

The incident happens during a parade organized by the Malaysian women association, originally about the rights of women and children also demanding a clean Government. 

But the parade are not going well as they thought, instead of getting what they actually demanded, they has created a controversy that will disgrace their association.
The conversational incident happens when those group of women are starting to march into a field that is being used by an elementary school children for sports. The number of people are gradually increase and thus cause disturbance for the children to conduct their activities.

One of their teachers is demanding that the group of people give them some space. But instead of cooperating the group of women started a chaos by start to literally attack the teacher, saying that they have rights, women rights.... bla bla bla.... the incident are getting intense when both sides are not willing to give up and tolerate.

Just watch both of the video and you will understand.
In our understanding the main issue are not about those women's refusing to tolerate but because of the teacher action shouting at them is the real chaos.
But in other thoughts, the teacher doings is right and those women are obviously wrong, they should had tolerate because literally saying, they are not supposed to be there at the first place, the field is generally used for sports and recreational activities, not for some people who want to spread their propaganda or some sort of s*it like that.

Talking about rights, those women should know those kids rights, clearly this shows their ego is high as f*ck. Because clearly they are abusing the rights of the children.

But come again, only some of those women who are directly related to this issue, not all of them supposed to be blamed, because their cause is a good cause. All and all we let you to decide which side had the actual rights. Those women or those Children.

P/s :we would like to b*tch slap the girl who shout @ 1:24 on the first video.

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