Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chuck Norris : Slovakia Bridge

A bridge that connect Eastern Europe with Austria will be name after the actress and martial art specialist Chuck Norris. This is due to the public vote which currently dominate 75% of the vote pool. 

Chuck Norris himself has become highly popular by becoming one of the famous internet meme, with the image immortal and undefeated, it is a symbol for power and strength for the bride. It is that, or the people who voted just want it to have a cool name.

No one really know who is the person who originally come out with this idea, but people seems to like it and it have positive feedback. 

Some thought naming a landmark such as this is not a game or internet joke, this is serious stuff for them to consider.  it is not official yet but we will see.

Tell us what do you think by leaving a comment or place your vote on the vote pool just above this post...

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