Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bawaku Pergi song Banned.

A Malay song composed by Malique and produced by Qarma Music is banned by the Ministry of Information, Communication and culture which is lead by Datuk Seri Rais Yatim. 

The song has reach its popularity due to its release which featuring the famous comedian Zizan and a female singer Kaka. Unfortunately, the song is claimed to have lyrics that are encouraging the youngster to run away from home. Here is some of the song lyrics...
Tengah malam nanti,                          
Tolong jangan lupa,                           
jangan mungkir janji,                         
aku dah teruja,                                  
suda cukup lama,                              
aku tunggu saat ini,                            
sejak kali terakhir kau hantar pulang, 
Hidup sungguh sepi,                          
Jangan bilang mama,                         
Jangan bilang papa,                          
Jangan bilang teman karibmu,           
Jangan bilang sesiapa.                       
Zizan & Kaka

English Translation :

Later on the midnight,
Please dont forget,
Dont break your promise,
Im really excited,
It been a while,
I have been waiting for this moment,
Since you sent me home,
Datuk Seri Rais Yatim
My life feel so empty,
Dont tell Mama,
Dont tell Father,
Dont tell your bestfriend,
Dont tell anyone.

Despite the song has been accepted by the community, it is suddenly banned by the Minister. Malique claimed that, he has never given a chance to defend his song, and the chance to explain why does the lyrics are made to be as such before.

Only after the banned of his song, he has given out his statement due to the issue, which he said the song made are in a perspective of a more mature listeners, and not originally intended for the younger listeners. Which he claimed that the song are originally shows his intention to bring his wife Melissa Maureen to a vacation since they had never been on a vacation after a long time. 
Melissa Maureen
And he also claimed that this is a suppression of the Minister towards him and his production team to have the right to speak.

Listen to the song here >> Bawaku Pergi - Zizan & Kaka

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