Monday, March 26, 2012

Awal Ashaari propose to Scha Al-Yahya

Television host, Awal Ashaari shocked everybody due to his proposal made to Scha Al-Yahya to be  his wife live in a show Propaganza broadcasted over Astro Ria.

Awal Ashaari also presented a ring, a bunch of roses and teddy bear of man.
Scha clearly are surprised by the spontaneous proposal before continue to accept the proposal.

Awal said he had been waiting for days to apply Scha and today, March 25 is the appropriate date because it is equivalent to the anniversary of their romance to two years and six months.

However, they will announce their wedding date in a press conference to be held at Cafe Flora, at 3 pm, on 27 March.

Steered by Mohamad Reza and Marsha distant, Propaganza entertainment program featuring a variety of interesting stories about celebrity home.

Propaganza broadcast every Sunday on Astro Ria (Channel 104) at 12 noon startsince March 18 last. 

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